And that’s when my heart collided

You and I will never have something in common, you and I will never be at peace with each other. There are times when I feel like giving up, letting go and never turning back but I just can leave you like that you need me, even more than what I need you. But your fucking temper keeps me apart, I understand you’re afraid that I’ll fail, and that’s what makes you react this way. If you could only understand that I WILL do so, I am not perfect, actually I’m a mess, a big fucking mess. Why would you try to deny it? And I know you expect a lot from me, you all do and that terrifies me to not be up to your expectations. There are times like this, that I just want to run away from you, from everything.
And then there’s you, do you have an idea of how confusing you can be? Sometimes I think I overreact, and well I do. But honestly do you feel that ashamed of me? of us?

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